Honda Legend

Honda’s Legend offers a viable alternative within the executive saloon sector to the likes of Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The car delivers all-wheel drive, a powerful V6 engine and all the high-tech equipment that one could imagine.

The car’s all-wheel drive system feels stable in most conditions. It is almost impossible to find a weather condition or a road that the system can’t conquer. The Legend is well equipped with the latest technology. The car’s ADAS incorporates a Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) technology. This is especially useful on longer journeys.

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LKAS keeps the car in the centre of its lane on long motorways, while ACC keeps the car a safe distance from the car in front of it when set on cruise control. The car actually predicts an impact and deploys the systems necessary to minimize damage to passengers and the vehicle.

The car boasts a 295bhp V6 powerplant housed in a larger more spacious vehicle than its predecessor. The car’s cabin quality is excellent and well above the class average. There are many controls and knobs but Honda has managed to give the fascia a nice look without seeming over crowded or overly complex.


The car is very decently priced considering all that the car delivers. The car offers the latest in technology and good fuel economy. The car will enjoy reasonable insurance rates and good resale values.

The car provides good cabin space. Passengers should have more than enough room to get comfortable, and the trunk provides a good amount of storage space as well.

The car’s controls and dials are of excellent quality. They are all functional and logically located, and even though there are a lot of them it doesn’t take too long to become accustomed to the system.

The car provides good levels of comfort. The cabin is spacious and road imperfections are successfully absorbed delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. The seats are supportive and the materials used give the cabin a quality feel.

The Honda Legend provides excellent accessibility to the car’s cabin. The car is a good height and passengers can slide easily into the car’s seats. The car is easily accessible and egress is just also convenient. The car’s boot also provides good accessibility.

The legend is an easy car to park. Visibility is good all-round and the car’s side mirrors and light steering make it easy to maneuver into even the tightest parking space. The car’s reverse camera also makes parking much easier.

Life Style

The Legend provides an excellent driving experience. The car’s very competent V6 delivers more than enough power and a very spry ride. The Legend’s performance and technology is very impressive and provides excellent value for the money.

The Legend provides plenty of cabin space to comfortably accommodate a family, and the car’s safety features are ideal for family travel. The car’s boot is also a decent size and can easily accommodate family related items.

This is an unlikely first car. It is too expensive and will probably be too large for most first time car buyers. The car’s insurance rates will probably run high for new drivers as well.

The legend is a quality built vehicle with quality materials. The cabin feels and looks modern and is equipped with high-tech instrumentation. Honda deserves recognition for their engineering excellence and the Legend delivers terrific performance.

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped with a standard security alarm, and all the usual security features. Given the high asking price of the car and the Legend’s desirability buyers may want to opt for all of the security features that are available.

The car’s standard safety features include electronic traction control, driver, passenger and side airbags, and ABS with EBD. Rain sensing wipers are also a plus.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio and cassette player. Many buyers will opt for an upgrade but the standard unit provides good sound quality.

The legend features electric windows, cruise control, sunroof, tachometer, air conditioning and climate control as standard. The car’s exterior design looks the most flattering in a silver hue.


The Legend is Hondas high-end luxury sedan. The car offers the latest and greatest in technology, safety and driving comfort. The car provides plenty of performance and will have no trouble competing with premium brand rivals.

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