Honda NSX

The NSX is Honda’s high-tech super sports car. Most high-tech cars and gadgets lack staying power and tend to leave as quickly as they come, but the NSX has proven differently.

Since its introduction in 1990 the car has been going strong and now it has been enhanced inside and out to make it more modern. The car’s exterior design has been enhanced here and there to bring the car’s appearance more up-to-date. The car’s engine has been tweaked and the car’s handling has been improved.

new honda nsx

New NSX Supercar previewed at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The car hasn’t done so well in terms of British sales though. There are only about a dozen sold per year in the UK, so the car is a relatively rare sight on UK roads.

The new version has been improved and the car’s price has been significantly reduced. The new version is still very fast, the car was only supposed to offer 276bhp which would have been the same as the old version, but some additional enhancing has made the car even faster.

The car can reach 0-60 in five seconds, and the car’s maximum speed is 168mph. The car delivers a very fast and exciting ride. The car is very impressive and is slightly faster than a Porsche 911.


The NSX is an expensive car to buy despite the drop in price from the original car. The car’s fuel economy is not great and insurance rates will be high. The car will also be costly to service and is not ideal for buyers who are on a tight budget.

The NSX was not designed for space or comfort. The seats provide adequate support and are fairly comfortable, but cabin space is limited. The Honda NSX boot will hold some luggage and the cabin will seat two adults.

The car’s instrumentation has received some minor updates, but looks largely the same as the car’s predecessor. The car’s controls and dials are functional and easy to read. They have a quality look and feel and improve the overall feel of the cabin.

The car’s carbon fibre Recaro seats are supportive and comfortable. The cabin has been designed to comfortably accommodate two passengers. The 3.2-litre V6 engine still sounds as good as before and despite the car’s amazing capabilities it still remains a very easy car to drive.

The car’s cabin is easy to access. The car’s large doors open wide and allow easy access to the car’s seats. The car sits low and it may be difficult for some passengers to climb down into the seats. This shouldn’t be a major problem for most.

Parking the NSX is not a major event. The car sits low but provides decent visibility. The car’s steering makes the car easy to maneuver into a parking space. The car’s side mirrors help out a lot with visibility.

Life Style

The NSX provides an excellent driving experience. It drives and handles well like a regular car, but boasts a top speed of 168mph. This is one of the fastest and most rewarding cars to drive in the world. For enthusiasts who can afford it the NSX provides a very rewarding driving experience.

This is not a family car. Cabin space is limited to two passengers and the boot won’t accommodate a family. The NSX would be a fun car to have around, but it will not transport a family.

The NSX is also not a first car. Besides the fact that not many first time buyers could afford the NSX, there is absolutely too much power on hand for a novice driver. Insurance rates and fuel costs would be very high as well.

Honda’s NSX is rarely disputed as being one of the best sports cars in the world. It is faster than the Porsche 911 and puts many competitors to shame. The car’s exterior design is very desirable and the car despite its age can still reflect positively on the Honda Company.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include a theft deterrent system and an engine immobilizer. Given the desirable nature of the NSX additional security devices may be desired as well.

The car’s standard safety features include twin airbags and ABS.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit is quite impressive and provides excellent sound quality. Hearing the system over road and engine noise is not a problem. The Bose Music system works extremely well.

The car comes with leather seats and a leather steering-wheel.  The driver’s and passenger’s seat both adjust four ways for comfort. The car also comes pre-wired for a CD changer.


The NSX is an attractive and competent sports-car, not a phrase that is too common in your typical Honda reviews. It offers loads of style and performance and comes with a decent asking price. The NSX is one of the most competent sports cars in the world. The only thing holding the car back is its Honda badge. Many buyers who intend to spend that much for a sports car will opt for a more prestigious badge.

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